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Premium Solutions

Cureista Clinic is a leading medical tourism company that offers high-quality care at affordable prices. We have a team of experienced doctors and nurses who are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care. We also offer a comprehensive range of services to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possiple

Couple Traveling

Airport Transportation

Beginning with their arrival at Istanbul Airport, our patients are our top priority. We'll make sure you're safely greeted at the airport and driven in brand new vans to your hotel or other location.Our familiarity with the Istanbul area allows us to negotiate contracts with reputable transportation firms that have been vetted by the Turkish government and are permitted to operate in the country.

Internal Transportation

Can Istanbul's transportation be that simple? Providing an integrated fleet of private luxury vehicles to ensure our visitors' transportation is a given.

Luxury Cars from Above
Sign Language

Medical Translation

When a patient and a doctor are able to talk to each other well, the doctor is more likely to make a correct diagnosis and the patient is more likely to understand the medical process. This is why it's important to have a professional medical translator who knows a lot about both medical terms and different medical processes. At Cureista, the people who work in the medical translation area take many classes to improve their skills. This is done to make sure that the information between the doctor and the patient is accurately translated and understood.

Medical Consultation

Our concern for our visitors begins with the presence of trained contact supervisors who communicate with the specialist doctor to respond to all medical consultations.

Doctor and Patient
Hotel Room

Hotel Accommodation

Providing comfortable accommodations for our guests makes the medical trip an opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation. We regularly make sure of the quality of hotel accommodation and its compliance with the required standards in terms of cleanliness, arrangement, and the provision of all amenities.

Medical Products

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Diet foods

  • Proteins

  •  Hair transplant shampoo and conditioner

Protein Products
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