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Medical Services

We provide in CUREISTA to our patients with access to highly skilled and knowledgeable experts for medical guidance. Relying on reduced pricing to attract more patients is not viable. This is how we operate. However, we think that offering a comprehensive treatment strategy with carefully considered treatment costs to accommodate the financial means of the majority of patients without compromising the rule of excellence

Obesity Surgeries

Could weight loss really be that simple?
Discover our many choices for safer weight-loss procedures.

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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a creative profession that requires high precision, great experience, and a beautiful view of the doctor

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Cardiac surgery

Heart stent operations have saved many patients around the world. Yes, that easy

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Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant        years of renewed    experience   

  in Türkiye

Joint replacement surgery

Everyone may benefit from replacing damaged joints, which is a great option.

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Andrology surgeries

The medical field of andrology focuses on issues related to the male urological system and the male reproductive system

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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry
It's beautiful art. We can choose the best treatment plan to get the most beautiful dental smile

In Vitro Fertilization      IVF

Every morning there is new hope. Millions of children around the world and continuous successes in this field

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